Bio remains Bio

To maintain the Bio-Status of your products, MESCH had been certified as first consignee and processor according to EU Organic Legislation in June 2014. Customers of the Organic sector avail theirselves from this service:  all processes of MESCH – from goods acceptance as first consignee, storage to processing – had been certified by a control body, accredited according to EN 17065.

In our closed operational cycle of business, we take care that “Organic” remains “Organic” and cannot be accidently be mixed. We “do” Bio and we are continually customizing our processes to environmental needs. The economical use of energy and careful handling during heat-treating are included. Our natural method treats– without using any synthetic  or chemical means – organic products in a bio-dynamic process. Gentle, powerful and safe.

Full traceability and transparency of our processes are important for our customers. Therefore all process steps are completely documented along our service-chain.

Our Motto:  Bio remains Bio!