The most basic physics – and yet so successful

In contrast to biological and chemical processes, our physics principle works with a combination of heat, saturated steam and vacuum.

Important for you: The MESCH chamber method does not have to be declared, it is easy on the product and does without the addition of chemicals.

To maintain the bio status of your products:

Since June 2014, AKO has been certified according to EU-Bio Legislation. Our Company is regularly supervised by an independent and recognized control body.

How safe is the MESCH process?

Spoilage agents and germs that are harmful to health such as mould-producing fungi and salmonella are no longer detectable after the steam sterilization process. Thermophile germs from geophysical sources (e.g. sulphite-reducing clostridia and spore formers such as Bacillus cereus) are reduced.

However, steam sterilized products are not 100 % sterile, because if they were, aroma substances and essential oils in the product would also be lost. For this reason, steam sterilization takes place in a lower temperature range.

Let us convince you!

Send us a 10 kg product sample – and we carry out the steam sterilization free of charge. Simply register your sample here.

You can download a detailed description of the process used by MESCH here.

And what happens in the chamber?

  • Phase 1: in the prevacuum all air is removed from the chamber.
  • Phase 2: the product is heated.
  • Phase 3: sterilization using saturated steam during a defined period.
  • Phase 4: steam condensate is removed, and vacuum drying takes place.
  • Phase 5: ventilates the chamber with sterile air to atmospheric pressure.