That you can be sure of:

reliable steam sterilization of natural products

We use a tried-and-tested process that is 100% natural and absolutely harmless to health. We reduce germs in foods and in natural remedies and thus extend their shelf life.

Using our process, defective parts such as occur during moisture damage and contaminated products can be reconditioned.

According to article 20 of the EU regulation 882/2004 the MESCH method is now officially recognized and accepted as special treatment for salmonella contaminated Pepper by the German Veterinary and Food Control Office.

Thus goods officially identified as salmonella positive during import controls can be saved from destruction.

With this permission MESCH Hamburg GmbH is one of the first German companies possessing this opportunity.

The MESCH process:

  • no obligation to declare it
  • no loss of product
  • not a problem regarding food legislation
  • no chemicals are used
  • product structure largely stays the same
  • includes germ reduction of packaging
  • EU-Bio certified